About Us

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The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce is a purpose-driven foundation that partners with leaders to promote education and economic development initiatives.

We partner with students, professionals, educational institutions, and businesses to foster opportunities for education and economic development that lead to paths to income.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to build connections, elevate visibility, and accelerate the growth of education and economic development in the blockchain ecosystem.

The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce¬† brings together forward-looking individuals, organizations, and companies. The members champion new education and economic development business models, emerging technologies, and sustainable growth strategies that improve all stakeholders’ outcomes.

Blockchain Technology will change systems, society and businesses.

Our goal is to promote an ecosystem around blockchain technology and intersecting technologies the fosters and sustains economic group through education. Blockchain jobs continue to grow, and without education and addressing skill gaps, there will be a talent shortage. We are dedicated to education that prepares students and experienced professionals to create paths to income and participation in the blockchain technology and connected emerging technology careers.

What is Blockchain? Video Created by the World Economic Forum.

Our Board Officers

Tracy Levine, President of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce Board

A trusted Executive Coach to what the World Economic Forum refers to as "Systems Leaders." She is the CEO of Advantage Talent Inc., a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Award-Winning Author, and a WomenTech Network Global Ambassador. Featured in WSJ, US News & Word Report, Forbes and Business Insider.

Linda Goetze, EVP and Community Engagement, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

Linda Goetze, Vice-President of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce Board

Engaged with blockchain technology since 2012, she is Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of DFM Data Co.

Alicia Alfonso, Secretary of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce Board

An empowered social impact professional who is an organizational optimization specialist that creates structure out of chaos. She is currently a Product Manager for Cox Automotive, Inc.