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Build Connections

Join a community of individuals and companies who have the expertise you’re looking for in business, blockchain, DLT, and cryptocurrencies. Learn More

With our Voices of Blockchain Mastermind Groups, you can collaborate, innovate and get answers from a network you can trust. You will gain access to a community of professionals that freely share experiences and expertise that benefit the group.

The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce is committed to facilitating valuable business and personal relationships. Members can email us to request an introduction! Let us know what type of connection or subject matter expert you are looking for, and we will connect you with professionals who have the experience and connections you need.

Elevate Visibility

Join a community that offers multiple ways to be seen, heard, and recognized as an industry thought leader. Learn More

With our Voices of Blockchain Mastermind Publishing, you can collaborate, innovate and drive thought leadership by collaborating on videos, whitepapers, articles, books, webinars, panels, speaking engagements, and more!

The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, Voices of Blockchain Insights blog gives members the opportunity to share thought leadership pieces.

Accelerate Growth

Join a community that expands your knowledge, expertise and keeps you cutting edge. Learn More

Our events are hosted by a broad range of experts on the topics most relevant to you – providing you with the breadth of information required to keep you up to date on the emerging blockchain technology and use, DLT, and cryptocurrency.

The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce has multiple resources for members to learn more about careers in blockchain.

Take advantage of our members-only classes specially curated to accelerate growth.

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The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce (BCC) is a non-profit international trade association supporting the emerging and evolving blockchain industry, distributed ledger technologies, and cryptocurrency market.

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